Sunday, November 18, 2007

Summer time in November. Upper and Lower Box photos

Feels strange standing around in a t-shirt the middle of November. No snow at all, but at least the Upper Box has been running at a low fun level. Here are a few photos of the Upper and Lower in November 07. Been loving it. Atom....

Ed Hellhole

Atom Hellhole

Atom Long rapid




Steve Long rapid

Steve Pleasure Plunge


Alex buried below Pleasure

Leo Pleasure Plunge

The great calm

Lost Stark Moon boat. Someone left it on shore? Anyone know whose it is?

Ed Big Aresnic

Scouting big A

NM driving scenery

My beautiful lady and our dogs at the Lower box putin

Bighorn on the box

Powerline lunch break


Michael lunch

Michael Powerline

Coming in hot

Leo slotting it

Leo Old school

C-1 Paul on the Pleasure Plunge

Seems like the Upper always gets at least one.

Thanks to all you guys that came out these last couple of warm weeks. It has been a blast. Atom...

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dc said...

Keep the love brother and don't keep my boat in the sun. Believe it or not I do plan to use it again.