Thursday, October 13, 2005

Want a first D?

So we were waiting for the brazos to come down enough to be runnable and decided to scout a run in the area. The Gazzater was busted out and we found a creek that looked pretty steep. After miles of dirt roads we found the canyon and started the hike down. This run is steep, the photos don't do it justice. We figured it dropped about 1800 ft per mile. We were gonna hike our boats down and just put on. I'm glad we didn't. It's still there, waiting for someone to fire it up. 10ft's, 20ftr's, 30 ftr's with no eddys for a solid mile. Hint, first 4 letters are BEAV and it feeds into the Toltec Gorge on the New Mexico side. Props to Jesse King for finding this one. Lots of other potential in this area as well.

Looking at the start of the hike

Hiking in

from flat Meadow to falling of the face off the earth

looking down