Monday, March 26, 2007

Random weekend photos

Another weekend of camping and boating has come and gone. A rainy Saturday and bluebird Sunday were my companions, along with campfire friendships and a host of cheap & cold cerveza's. Boaters were, Luke-red Nomad, Warren-yellow Habitat, Sward-blue Jefe.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

This and That

This weekend was a great intro to Spring for New Mexico. Had fun play boating, dirt biking, low water creeking and lots of tall tales by the campfire with good friends. Gotta love the start of a new season.

The putin for the Racecourse

enjoying the hot sun at Sleeping Beauty wave.

Paul Terry looping his C-1

Paul nailed by a "very sudden" great white shark attack

Gus Ghuniem surfin

More Gus

View of the Lower Box, taken during my after river running dirk bike session

lovin NM

  • (Grayson Schaffer)
  • getting ready for the Embudo

    Ice banks

    entrance to the first box, notice the graffiti on the river right wall. Nothing is sacred anymore

    Cold water

    10am first canyon shadows

    Grayson top drop of Cheesegrater

    Grayson on the lower cheese

    This is the new rockfall on the lower canyon, the shot does not do it justice. It is worse than it looks. Be heads up when running the lower canyon. It will be interesting to see what happens at high flows.

    G-man running the laed into the slot.

    Low water Slot

    Frenchy on steroids. He cracked his boat on the Embudo and air was filling up his drytop from the crack in the hull.

    da crack

    Hike out of the first canyon due to cracked boat.

    Brawts and cheese and beer and a campfire with friends is all ya need after a day of h2o. Thanks to Frenchy and Badkins for coming south and keeping me company. Adios, Atom...

    Best breakfast burritos. Pilar Yacht club, 1000 miles from the ocean. Rico makes a mean burrito.

    Monday, March 12, 2007


    Spring is in the air. On Saturday march 10th, I met seven Colorado boaters for a run on the Upper Box in New Mexico. It was flowing around 500 cfs and it felt like Spring, the wind was blowing and we were all coming off the couch. Time to shake the rust. It was a great warm up run for start of the season. I took a few shots for ya all. Sorry about the haphazard quality but all I had was my point and shoot and it was cold.
    The crew was Evan, Mike, Pete, Leigf?, Trevor, Junior, Randy and myself.

    Driving from my casa to the putin


    Gonna try out the new Mega Rocker

    Rocks at Hell Hole

    Scouting Hell Hole

    Pete getting the boof on

    In the eddy

    Leigf? Hell Hole

    Pleasure Plunge

    Pleasure Plunge

    Looking at Big Arsenic

    Evan running the hero line, nasty sieves river right if ya mess up

    The run out

    Dotcom all happy

    Randy about to go near the sieves

    Got the last chance pull out eddy

    Dry land

    Leigf running the left side of Big A


    Photo taken after having a heart attack during the hike out

    It was a awesome day. I will post a review of the Mega Rocker soon.
    PS, the hike out is way better than the paddle out.
    Adios, Atom...