Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Upper Upper Cispus

When winter hits in New Mexico I usually try and make at least one trip to the northwest. Just to break up my winter blues. Below are some shots from a trip a year ago and a little 12mb quicktime vid. Hope you enjoy and I'm hoping for some snow.
Please make it snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • cispus Video 12mb quicktime

  • Thursday, October 13, 2005

    Want a first D?

    So we were waiting for the brazos to come down enough to be runnable and decided to scout a run in the area. The Gazzater was busted out and we found a creek that looked pretty steep. After miles of dirt roads we found the canyon and started the hike down. This run is steep, the photos don't do it justice. We figured it dropped about 1800 ft per mile. We were gonna hike our boats down and just put on. I'm glad we didn't. It's still there, waiting for someone to fire it up. 10ft's, 20ftr's, 30 ftr's with no eddys for a solid mile. Hint, first 4 letters are BEAV and it feeds into the Toltec Gorge on the New Mexico side. Props to Jesse King for finding this one. Lots of other potential in this area as well.

    Looking at the start of the hike

    Hiking in

    from flat Meadow to falling of the face off the earth

    looking down

    Tuesday, September 13, 2005

    Trampas creek into the Embudo:

    The Trampas enters the Embudo on the left just after MJ falls.
    For the past 10 yrs I had been looking up at this tiny confluence
    as we blazed by on our way down the Embudo. It enters the Embudo
    via a 20 ft slide. The spring of 05 brought huge snow pack to New
    Mexico and The Embudo was flowing Huge. One sunny day we stopped
    and looked up at the Trampas confluence and thought that there might
    just be enough water to run it. So TK and I dug out the Topos, drove around
    for hours and found the putin. Which consisted of a small forgotten town
    (which will remain unnamed) with alot of dogs and some wacked people
    still stuck in the 60's. We came back the next day with Dunbar and
    a few more Colorado folks. The run was low, probably 60 cfs or so.
    We launched after warnings from 60's hippy about rants of it being to steep
    and that if we went onto river left we we goners. (we took this to mean, getting
    shot due to a certain "vegatable crop growing") Well we made it past all the
    brush and barbed wire to the entrance of the canyon. All I can say is, the run
    was bony, hardly any eddy's, (which was a factor with 6 people) really manky
    drops, a couple steller ones and I'll probably never do it again. Sure was fun
    though when we finally made it to the Embudo and it was a Thumping 3.6ft.
    But that's what you go through to figure out if a creek is any good.
    Here are a few photos of the run.
    You can also watch a quick video of the run below.
  • Trampas Video

  • Looking into the gorge


    1st drop

    Dunbar dropping in, I rolled here and ended rightside up in a willow patch

    Grayson same drop

    More Dunbar

    Tiny slot move on the left

    Atom somewhere

    A lot of boofing

    Look close and you can barely see Dunbar's head in the foam pile

    Getting close to confluence

    Looking down into the Embudo

    Brad at the bottom of the run

    Driving home