Thursday, December 30, 2010

kayaking and travelling in Mexico is dangerous (Narco Killers). So not true!!!!!

I have been traveling to Mexico to kayak since 1994. My last journey there was in 2007. It was time to go again. Everyone freaked out when I said I was going with a group of friends to a place we know well. Mexico is crazy right now they said, 28,000 killed since 2007, drug wars, epic gunfights between drug gangs, stupid to travel, you will be kidnapped, killed, tortured and never able to kayak again, get life insurance, blah blah....
Well, we had a blast (and we Drove from NM and had 4,000 miles total) and never saw anything that would make us question our travel decisions. Sure the Narco gangs are heavy down there and the killings are going on but just travel in the daytime and be respectful. We got bribed for 200 pesos by the cops (pay no more than that) and that was our only issue. For example, If you go to LA or NY in the USA, don't hit the bad parts of town. Same goes for Mexico.
We had a total blast and were one of 2 groups of Americans that seemed to make the trip by car. So go, have a blast, ignore the American media mass hysteria and huck some waterfalls..
We did a class 3-4 trip and it was O so good. Don't worry though, The same areas we hit have awesome class 5-5+ hucking. So go do it.....
When you make it to Ciudad Valles, look up Aaron Koch and Kayak Huasteca for all the local beta. The hotel that they base out off is great (on the main drag in Valles) and Aaron has the area dialed for the kayak info and is also getting the Mexico SUP scene activated. He is the man!
If you make it farther south to hit the famous Alseseca, stay at Adventurtec, they rock and have all kinds of good lodging. Give a hug to Tinker, Tormenta and Sheba for me (the local dogs).
Here are some photos I took. I am learning to to take photos and loving it. Mexico is not all about kayaking, enjoy the food, culture, people, roads or lack off and just go now and not be worried.
Thanks to CKS for supporting me over the years. The Watershed bag kept my Canon 7D dry and the new Burn rocked out! Thanks to Leland and Andria Davis (and Hudson) for making a guidebook that actually gives good Mexico river advice and directions. Go explore folks, life is to short. Beers, Atom....

Photo Dump :)

Saturday, December 04, 2010

2nd annual Budo fest racers video 2010

I finally got a new computer and just finished a simple edit of the 2010 Embudo race. Thanks to everyone that participated, it was a huge success. Big shout out to Colorado Kayak Supply, Shred Ready, Keen , WRSI , River Gypsies and White Water of The Southern Rockies for donating gear for the American Whitewater raffle. Thanks again and see you all around Mothers Day 2011 for the 3rd Annual Budo Fest. Below is the video I did. Click here for photos and the writeup I did earlier in the year. Beers, Atom...

2nd Annual Budo Fest kayak racers video 2010 from atom crawford on Vimeo.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The 2nd annual, every man's Rio Grande multi-day kayak trip

The 1st annual, every man's Rio Grande multi-day kayak trip started last year in 2009. The Rio Grande in Northern New Mexico is an awesome multi day trip. From the Colorado Border to the Rio Arriba County line is 65 miles of class 2-5. The sections are, Ute Mountain (class 2), Razorblades (class 3-4), Upper Box (Class 4-5), La Hunta (class 2), Lower Box (class3-4), State Park (class 2), Racecourse (class 3). Last year we did the whole trip in 4 days and 4 nights. Full report on the first trip HERE. We had an absolute blast and when the time came again to do it this year, we had a few glitches. Joe was out, due to trying to build a house and and having a girlfriend hooked on Belly Dancing. Amos was in a new relationship and on a strict Vegan diet! (I didn't even ask him to partake, and yes they (as a couple) and his new diet are still together). Cougar Killer Cameron was needed badly for this second trip. He is a good buddy, but the main reason I needed him a second time around was because he stashed a large amount of booze in the basalt cliffs when he got lost for 30 hrs. Ya, he got lost for 30 hrs on class 2 and for some strange logic, stashed our entire supply of Booze. Please watch the video to fully understand!

4 days & 4 nights, A kayaking self support, 65 miles-class 2-5 from atom crawford on Vimeo.

Sooooo, I definitely need Cam Cam to show up for the trip. I called him and he was in. Amped! I also had done the Red River with this guy Murf a couple of days before. he had moved back to town after some time done in Colorado (not jail time) and I got him fired up for the multi day. So the night before our 2nd annual trip, Cameron leaves a voice-mail and bails on the trip. He mumbled something about a special seasonal hunting permit for Cougar opening up. So he flaked out once again and the hidden booze will be hidden for another year. And then it was just the Murf and I. Bottom line, this trip is an awesome multi day in the high desert for enjoying the scenery, epic camping, loaded boats, fires, drinking, good friendship and some good class 5 to deal with amongst it all. Note: Murf and I had a fantastic time and became great friends. This trip is frigging awesome! We did not pack light or simple. We went full on, all we could carry. Our kayaks for a 3 day trip weighed over 100 lbs. The 3rd annual will be next June. Please join us. It is a time to reflect, grow, drink beer, appreciate friendship and the wonders of a deep basalt canyon and the moving water that formed it...

No Country For Old Men Putin
Murf and My beautiful shuttle bunny Rach

Long Lost brothers

I'm so so ready for a good trip
The Lee's trail Skull

Murf packing 30lbs of beer

The basalt Rio grande

Basalt boogie water

Time to find a camp above the Upper Box section

We scored a good spot

Murf was all about the Margs

Our wet bar the first night


Can't beat a good friendship and the outdoors

Super camp

Sunlight cliffs in the morning above the Upper Box

Murf in the Pleasure


Some good whitewater




Little Arsenic

Murf correcting

On line for the eddy

Little Arsenic still going

Murf and Atom sharing a set of elbow pads

Second nights camp just below the Upper Box in the La Hunta section. It was an old Miner's campground

lots O gear

The Villain carried it all well

Old Miners dwelling

my custom Shred Ready T-Dub helmet

Murf enjoying the solitude of a great river trip

Damn Canadians..


Last Beer

Maybe there is one more in here

The paddle home, La Hunta section and the the Lower Box.

Old tractor riverside. How did it get there?

Till next year. Beers, Atom...

The new Jackson Kayak, the Villain and the New Pyranha Burn were frigging kick ass. Great boats for just regular creeking day trips. They also did awesome fully loaded down with 60 lbs of unnecessary gear, Demo them at CKS......