Saturday, June 25, 2005

Some Embudo Photos

Atom getting ready

River flowers

Tim Pulfrey dropping the cheese

Tim bottom of the slot

Steve Yore Boofing the Slot

Steve resting at MJ

Colorado boys in Long rapid

Lex Lucious getting ready for his Virgin run

Grayson Shaffer in the Slots

Brain Adkins in the Slots

Atom top part of Cheesegrater

Tim Pulfrey bottom of Cheesegrater

Tim Pulfrey 3rd slot

Steve Yore pre shoulder surgery

Steve scouting Slots

Steve 3rd slot

Beer break at the main slot

Lex Lucious in the slot

Lex in the cheese

Colorado boy dropping the Slot

Atom in the Slot

Atom in the Cheese

Atom Slotting

The view from the end of the dirt road putin

Tree at putin, if you don't see it, wrong putin