Monday, June 26, 2006


This weekend I headed out to Colorado to see Oh Be Joyfulllll. I couldn't boat due to a pulled back but I thought that I would head out of town anyway. Had a blast camping out with a bunch of folks. Met Freemont from Golden at the takeout for OBJ. He fired the run up a couple times. It was pretty darn low, but a ton of folks were there. I didn't get any shots of Freemont running the drops, seems that he was so fired up to hike his boat that he ended up on top of the pass. Got a few shots of Boyd from Tenn, he was running it solo while his girlfriend took vid and stills. He had it made. I managed to get some dirtbiking in with Freemont while on painkillers, probably not recommended but still a blast and probably safer than creeking on them. Blazed the bikes up to the headwaters of Daisy creek. Super sick slide way up there. Nice to see snow still. On a side note, my friend M###o had her 38th birtday that weekend and rumor has it she got to stay warm with a guy 10yrs younger. Way to go. Oh ya, it was high comedy watching the drunk folks crossing the Slate river in there 4x4's ond getting stuck. One guy did it at 3 in the am and woke everybody up in camp by yelling and screaming, good fun dumb stuff.

Cottenwood pass heading to OBJ from BV


Shot of the leadin to the first big falls

The lip of falls

the falls

Boyd running the falls

Boyd in the runnout

Random slide

Avalanche, one of the big slides

Boyd halfway down avalanche

Boyd making the critical eddy

Portage around beaver dam

Below avalanche

boyd again


recent snow, June 26th

Back pain driving

"Oh Be Brokeback", actually rumor has it that this is the young stud that kept M####O warm on her 38th

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