Monday, August 22, 2005

Some shots of friends and places.

Atom and his mobile casa

The Hippo

Oliver on the little white

New Mexico aspens

View of the Micos en Mexico

Lex contemplating life at some wierd mexican art zone

Height difference

A round o drinks en Mexico

Chruch bells en Mexico

Grand Canyon

Busted ihaving a river bath

Night time mission on the Micos

Blue wall in wierd art zone, Mexico

BC Bacon with the Bacon

Marjo, Atom & Bacon

Atom on the Ark

Atom & Bacon

On the way to the Ark


1 comment:

Connie Poj said...

Hey Atom, some gorgeous photos there! I loved the sky shots....on the way to the ark.....where is that? The Grand Canyon shot? Is that the year we all went? I hope that river bath wasn't on our trip. . . . the water was awful cold. I love this website. Have you seen Benji recently? Ed is in Africa. I hope your Christmas was merry. Happy and healthy New Year. When are you coming east?